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    XCMG Group forklift

    Deliven to provide customers with high cost -effective, high -efficiency forklifts

    XCMG Group China Construction Machinery Keep First Practice to provide overall solutions in the field of material handling and warehousing, and provide high -quality products, spare parts and service information connect

    Provide you with a one -stop solution for cargo handling

    Xu GongThe advantages

    China's industry No. 1 and the third place in the global industry

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      01XCMG originated in 1943

      Dongguan Hengtong forklift Equipment Co., Ltd. is an agent of XCMG Group in Dongguan

      Focus on selling electric forklifts/fuel forklifts. The product variety specifications are diversified and can be customized.

      +86 138-2923-0091

      XCMG originated in 1943

      02Modern factory building

      Have many years of electric balance heavy forklift, internal combustion balance heavy forklift manufacturing experience.

      Refine the production process, strictly control the quality of the product, and provide customers with a solution to diverse forklifts.

      +86 138-2923-0091

      Modern Industrial Park Factory

      03Strictly detect products

      Strictly control the quality of product quality and ensure that provide customers with high -quality products.

      Each forklift can only be out of the warehouse after strict testing, further ensuring the quality of the product

      +86 138-2923-0091

      Heavy quality testing

      04Perfect service system

      Long -term cooperation with a number of companies has rich experience and good industry reputation.

      Provide professional after -sales service, efficient, convenient, worry -free, comfortable, and use good business reputation

      +86 138-2923-0091

      Perfect service system

    In China, China has always maintained the first place in the industry in 30 years


    Dongguan Hengtong forklift Equipment Co., Ltd. is an agent of XCMG Group. XCMG Group was established in 1989. It is a large enterprise group with a large scale in the construction machinery industry, complete product varieties and series, and unique competitiveness and influence. The fourth place in the machinery industry has unique value creativity. XCMG forklift is one of the key development sections of XCMG Group ..........


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