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Forklifts in the market according to the performance of different engines are electric forklifts and diesel forklifts, friends who buy forklifts should understand that electric forklifts are more expensive than diesel forklifts, then what are the reasons? What's the difference between the two? The following electric forklift rental company to inform you.

Although the frame of the two forklifts is basically similar, the diesel forklift uses the engine and gearbox as the power source, while the battery forklift uses the motor, gearbox, battery and controller as the basic power organization. The engine has been developed for many years, the technology is relatively perfect, the domestic price is not high, and most of the controllers of the battery forklift need to be imported, the price of the battery is also more expensive, the price of the circuit board is higher than the price of the diesel forklift, and the cost of parts is much higher than that of the diesel forklift on the whole.

However, the larger the output of the same product, the cost of acquisition of individual parts will decline a lot, although the sales of electric forklifts have always been growing, but according to the annual sales comparison of two forklifts, the sales of diesel forklifts are much higher than that of electric forklifts, which are allocated to various manufacturers, diesel forklifts can be mass-produced, the price is naturally very low, and battery forklifts are difficult to complete mass production. Coupled with the factory's usual daily expenses, personnel costs, equipment loss and other effects, the low price is difficult to complete.

With the continuous improvement of the country's environmental requirements, the future demand for diesel forklift shopping malls will gradually reduce, on the contrary, the demand for electric forklift shopping malls with environmental protection characteristics will inevitably rise year by year. In the short term, although its price is more expensive, because the repair cost is lower than the diesel forklift truck, and the protection and maintenance cycle is two to three times that of the diesel forklift truck, the maintenance time is also much less than that of the diesel forklift truck, which can greatly save the maintenance labor cost, shorten the downtime of the forklift truck, and help improve the work efficiency and economic efficiency of the forklift truck, so on the whole, Electric forklifts are more economical.