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Forklift safe operation and basic knowledge:

1, in the process of work, if suspicious noise or abnormal phenomenon is found, it must be stopped immediately for inspection, and measures must be taken in time to eliminate it, if it is not eliminated before the fault can not continue to work.

2, when loading the goods, the distance of the cargo fork should be adjusted according to the size of the goods, and the weight of the goods is divided by the two cargo forks, so as to avoid the partial load or the cargo side of the operation slipping. After the fork is inserted into the cargo pile, the fork wall should be in contact with the cargo side, and then the door frame tilts backward, lifting the goods about 200mm from the ground before driving.

3, if not through the forklift training and authorized, is not allowed to operate the forklift. Please read the warnings and instructions in the forklift manual carefully. According to the relevant regulations of the state: forklifts such as internal combustion forklifts, electric forklifts, electric trucks, and electric stallers need to undergo professional forklift training and obtain a forklift driving license to officially take up the post. At present, China only requires forklift operators with cab such as driver-mounted internal combustion forklift, passenger-mounted electric forklift, passenger-mounted LPG forklift, passenger-mounted dual-fuel forklift to hold forklift license before driving forklift

4, in good road conditions on the road, the rated lifting of the forklift is 2 tons, in poor road conditions, the lifting weight should be properly reduced, and reduce the speed.

5, when the forklift is used around (the general limit is not within the turning radius of the forklift, it is recommended that no one within 3 meters) pedestrians are not allowed, especially when the fork is lifted or dropped, and people are not allowed to stand directly on the forklift fork.

6, the forklift stops in the middle, the engine idling should tilt back to recover the door frame, when the engine stops, the slide frame should fall, and tilt forward to make the fork land.

7, prevent lateral rollover, may occur in loading or unloading joint operation speed and turn fast. You have to slow down before the turn! If the gantry is raised, the forklift turns quickly, or accelerates forward and turns, or turns on a slope, it may cause lateral tipping. The door frame must be lowered while driving! There is a risk of overturning if overloaded, over-leaning forward or the cargo's center of gravity deviates.