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In the era of rapid development of the logistics industry, known as the "god of handling" forklift trucks play a huge role in the field of logistics, in recent years, electric forklift trucks will be more and more popular with users, electric forklift leasing will also have a broad market prospects, the market advantages of electric forklift leasing in what aspects?

First, the battery life of electric forklift truck is long

The service life of the battery of the electric forklift is 1500 charge and discharge cycles, and the operation hours can be about 10,000 hours, which is equivalent to the time of engine overhaul of an internal combustion forklift rental. The replacement cost of the electric forklift battery is close to the cost of the engine overhaul, but the replacement speed of the battery is much faster than the overhaul of the engine, and the efficiency of the moment is barre.

Two, electric forklift has significant energy saving and environmental protection advantages

Electric forklift truck has low noise, no exhaust emissions, and low cost of operation and protection. Electric forklift rental operation is simple and flexible, the operating intensity of the operator is much lighter than that of the internal combustion forklift, and its electric steering system, acceleration control system, hydraulic control system and brake system are controlled by electrical signals, which greatly reduces the labor intensity of the operator and improves the efficiency and accuracy of the operation.

Three, electric forklift protection and maintenance need less time

The protection and maintenance interval of the electric forklift is longer, and the time required for each maintenance is shorter, which greatly saves the maintenance cost. What is more substantial is that the downtime of the forklift is greatly shortened, so the economic benefits brought by the improved operation efficiency of the forklift are difficult to calculate.

Four, the electric forklift truck is improving to practical

Electric forklift rental to achieve zero emissions, electricity can be obtained from a variety of primary energy sources, such as coal, nuclear energy, hydropower, etc., to avoid people's worry about the depletion of oil resources, electric forklift can also make full use of the surplus electricity charging at night when the electricity is low, so that the power generation equipment can be fully used day and night, greatly improving its economic benefits.