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Rental forklift, rental industry. Users only need to pay a small deposit, you can have the right to use the forklift, by the manufacturer to provide the same after-sales service as sales. This move immediately received a response from many well-known manufacturers of forklifts. Forklifts refer to forklifts that operate with electricity, most of which work for batteries. The battery is a kind of battery, and its role is to store the limited electric energy and use it in the right place. It works by converting chemical energy into electricity.

1, the use of flexible: with forklift rental, off-season, enterprises can replace different performance and number of forklifts according to the different production mode.

2, the cost is transparent: only the monthly rent is paid, which reduces the loss of unnecessary parts maintenance and procurement.

3, simple management: forklift rental can not only save forklift management personnel, maintenance personnel and other labor costs, but also save all the procedures and large amounts of money to buy forklifts.

4, the maximum guarantee: rental forklift truck, fault quick maintenance, always provide reliable quality, excellent performance of vehicles.

5, maximize the return on investment: enterprises can use the funds to purchase forklifts for the company's core business to obtain a greater return on capital.

6, tax incentives clarify: the cost of the lease as the current operating expenses and in front of the income tax, equivalent to the deduction of income tax.

7, risk investment minimization: forklift rental greatly reduces the working capital occupied by the purchase of forklifts, and improves the enterprise's anti-risk ability.

8, the core competitiveness of the enterprise focus: put more manpower and material resources in the forklift placed in the core products is conducive to focus on the development of the core business