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Electric forklift refers to a forklift operated by electricity, most of which work for batteries. The battery is a kind of battery, and its role is to store the limited electric energy and use it in the right place. It works by converting chemical energy into electricity.

1. Carbon emission is 0.

Compared with other internal combustion forklifts, the biggest advantage of electric forklifts is that carbon emissions are 0, which is a great advantage in the global implementation of the call to reduce carbon emissions, and this advantage of electric forklifts is enough to beat other forklifts and jump to the throne of forklift trucks. And the internal combustion forklift or propane forklift truck about the operating environment is also very picky, while the electric forklift truck is just able to be satisfied with the high temperature and other environment operation, this advantage can not be ignored.

2. Fuel is cheap.

Compared with the fuel of other forklifts, the fuel of electric forklifts is much cheaper, because its fuel is electricity. Electricity is related to the price of other fuels, such as fuel oil, which will be much lower. This virtually reduces the cost of using the user.

3, long service life.

Compared with the life of other forklifts, the life of electric forklifts is longer. This is because the electric forklift has a perfect drive planning, the movement of the electric forklift operation is less, in this case, the loss is slow, usually only need regular maintenance, lubricating oil, you can extend the service life of the electric forklift.

4, easy maintenance, low cost.

The cost of electric forklift maintenance, the convenience of maintenance speed, you may not be able to imagine, there are many mechanical equipment need to outsource professional maintenance services or have professional maintenance personnel to maintain. Electric forklift maintenance is so simple and convenient. The presence of the protective battery makes the protection and maintenance of the electric forklift much easier, usually pay attention to regular maintenance, play lubricating oil, pay attention to the cleaning operation of the electric forklift, all OK.

5, low noise operation.

A big advantage of electric forklifts is low noise. Related to internal combustion forklifts or propane forklifts, the sound of electric forklifts is much smaller during operation. Therefore, it can be regarded as low noise and avoid noise pollution.