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Forklift battery smell, this situation is generally electrolyte leakage or loss, because the battery needs to be electrolyte to complete the storage and conversion of electrical energy, but when the electrolyte leakage will occur a nose taste. At the same time, if the electrolyte is consumed too much or at a loss, the forklift is charged when the battery is forced to charge, which will make the battery overheat and white smoke, and the smell is worse. When this problem is found, the electrolyte should be made up in time and the battery should be charged.

Electric forklift repair found that the smell of plastic paste, for this situation is mostly formed by the overheating of the electrical line, because the plastic wire sheath is thin, so the smell is not very big.

However, when the wire is short-circuited, it is accompanied by partial smoke or heat, which is easy to cause burning and fire for a long time. Once the phenomenon of overheating wires is found, it is necessary to stop immediately to find out the reason, although the smell of wire damage is not large, but the danger index is very high.

Under normal conditions, the occurrence of wire temperature is too high in the summer will be more, if not found in time, it is easy to form a complete circuit damage, engine cylinder, and even the vehicle spontaneous combustion phenomenon.

Electric forklift repair found thick burnt smell: in the process of driving if you smell the special smell of non-metallic data burned, generally by the clutch friction plate burning or overheating formed.

This smell will also be mixed with burnt smell, because the clutch plate is made of rubber and asbestos and other materials composite.

If the clutch is used normally, there is no significant difficulty in stopping or starting, and the smell of getting off the car comes from the back of the car, then it is necessary to check whether the rear brake system is overheating.