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Used electric forklift company to say the cause of forklift corrosion. Forklift corrosion is not only related to the environment but also related to its own structure.

Forklifts can be divided into internal combustion forklifts and battery forklifts. Most of the internal combustion forklift trucks are used in ports, docks and industrial and mining sites, the application environment is harsh, especially in the port and chemical industry, by the subtropical, humid and hot zone, Marine climate environment and industrial waste gas, dust induction effect, the formation of forklift parts corrosion damage, corrosion is more serious; The battery forklift truck is mostly used in indoor places such as warehouses, the environmental change is small, and the corrosion caused by environmental factors is relatively light.

The corrosive environment inside the forklift truck, such as the combustion exhaust gas containing sulfur and chloride ions in the engine, the acid fog and leakage of the battery, the stress caused by vibration and impact during the work, and the partial damage caused by friction and collision are also the main reasons for the corrosion damage of the forklift parts.

The main mechanism of metal corrosion is that the primary metal is converted into metal oxides, forming structural parts or components that rust, damage or even cannot be corrected and become obsolete. The aging of non-metallic materials such as paint, rubber, and glass fiber is mainly caused by environmental induction, physical and chemical changes such as cracking, degradation, and dissolution of the polymer structure of the data, resulting in a decline in appearance and function. It can be seen that the planning structure of the forklift itself, the application of data, technology and protective measures directly determine the corrosion resistance of the forklift.