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Forklift rental is an industrial handling vehicle, which refers to a variety of wheeled handling vehicles for loading and unloading, stacking and short-distance transportation of pallet goods. The International Organization for Standardization ISO/TC110 is called industrial vehicle. It is often used for the transportation of large storage objects, usually using fuel engines or batteries.

Technical parameters of forklift are used to indicate the structural characteristics and working performance of forklift. The main technical parameters are: rated lifting weight, load center distance, maximum lifting height, gantry Angle, maximum travel speed, minimum turning radius, minimum ground clearance and wheelbase, wheel base, etc.

1, short-term rental: a common form of leasing, according to the actual amount of forklift truck charges, the two sides to determine the charging standard and terms of service, suitable for simple, small projects.

2. Purchase by lease: the vehicle unit designates the brand and model of forklift truck, and Party A is responsible for purchasing and leasing the forklift truck to the vehicle unit. Both parties agree on the rent, lease period, maintenance and other related matters.

3, package business system: Party A provides forklift, driver, fuel, forklift repair and maintenance, people with vehicles stationed. No need to find suppliers and negotiate prices many times.

4. Project contracting: General contracting for warehousing, logistics and engineering projects, and Party A shall provide project leaders, forklifts, drivers, fuel and handling personnel to achieve streamlined management of the enterprise.

5, long-term lease: monthly lease, or other time period agreed. Party A shall provide the forklift and the repair and maintenance required for normal use of the forklift, and the lessee shall be responsible for the remaining expenses, such as tolls and fuel charges.

6. Buyback and leaseback: In order to save the maintenance, management and cost of the enterprise and focus on the core business of the enterprise, the forklift equipment of the enterprise can be purchased by Party A after evaluation, and then a more suitable forklift truck can be leased. This way is helpful for enterprises to realize technological update and adapt to the development needs of enterprises.