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Electric forklift refers to a forklift operated by electricity, most of which work for batteries. The battery is a kind of battery, and its role is to store the limited electric energy and use it in the right place. It works by converting chemical energy into electricity.

1. Power system

Internal combustion balanced heavy forklift truck is a gas turbine as a power device, the key is gasoline engine, diesel engine, gas engine and dual fuel engine. Electric forklifts generally use battery as a power unit and AC current as a power unit. Because the application field of AC current forklift is limited, the application is less, and the electric forklift is generally said to refer to the battery forklift.

2, electrical equipment

The electrical equipment of the internal combustion forklift truck consists of switching power supply system software (battery, generator set), power consumption machine equipment (starting system software, ignition device, lighting equipment, data signal equipment, electronic device control equipment, auxiliary household appliances), household appliances control (a variety of instrument panels, alarm lights) and protection equipment (terminal, switch, circuit breaker, connection Plug-in, power lines) and other components.

3, working equipment

The equipment in the work of forklift truck is different from the characteristic organization of other cars, also known as the lifting organization, the key is used to take, place, lift, drop goods, and load goods in short-distance freight, and then make the forklift load handling, palletizing, short-route transportation and other work. The equipment in the work is composed of mechanical equipment and hydraulic transmission system, which can be divided into three kinds: gantry type, parallel connecting rod type and boom expansion joint, in which gantry type is the most common.

4, forklift chassis

Its effect is to install various components, complete the transmission of the driving force of the diesel engine, and ensure that the forklift is working normally. It is composed of transmission device, driving system software, automobile steering system and attached machine equipment.

Electric forklift because of its practical operation is simple and convenient, less air pollution, durability, credibility are relatively perfect, so in the loading and unloading handling and transport natural environment, it has obtained many applications, and can achieve a level comparable to gasoline and diesel forklifts. With the development trend of electronic information technology intelligent system, many excellent high and new technologies are used in electric forklifts. On the one hand, it can accurately ensure the display information of the main parameters of various actual operations of forklifts, and it can also display the common fault causes and removal methods of the intelligent system when forklifts are common faults.